Inha University

  • How to get to inha University from Incheon international airport 

    - Metro

  • Step 1 : At the Incheon Int’l Airport, take AREX (Airport Railroad Express) to Seoul Station

  • Step 2 : At Gyeyang Station, transfer to Incheon Subway Line

  • Step 3 : At Woninjae Station, transfer to Suin Line for Incheon Station

  • Step 4 : Get off at Inha Univ. Station and take exit 5. Inha University will be on your left side.

    - Metro + Bus/Taxi


  • Step 1 : Take the AREX (Incheon Airport Railroad Express) towards Seoul Station

  • Step 2 : Get off at Gyeyang Station and transfer to the Incheon Subway Line

  • Step 3 : Get off at Bupyeong Station and transfer to the Seoul Metro Line 1 and go to Juan Station

  • Step 4 : Get off at Juan Station and exit Gate 2

  • Step 5: Take a taxi or bus No. 511 to the campus
    ※ To get to the airport from Inha University, you can follow these steps in reverse order.

    - Taxi

  • Taxi Stop to Incheon (at the airport) No. 20

  • Fare : approx. 50,000 won(approx. US $50)

  • Once you clear customs, and exit the main terminal, go to taxi stop No. 20 where there are taxis that will go to Incheon.
    It will take less than 1 hour to get to Inha university.

Jungseok Memorial Library

60th Anniversary Hall

22212 인천광역시 미추홀구 인하로 100, 인하대학교 5호관 남171호 전화: 032)860-8741 팩스: 032)860-9147

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